The Last Drive Inn

Tonight was our third date; dinner and a movie. Only this time she agreed to attend the last Drive Inn Theater in town. Oh my gosh, tonight I was going to get lucky, maybe even get a little tittie. These thought rushed through my head as I parked my car in front of her house. I had met her dad once while he was mowing the lawn, but I had never met her mother.
Gail’s mother answered the door, she was tall and blonde; I could see where Gail got her good looks. Mrs Thurman invited me in and, guided me into the kitchen for some iced tea. Mrs Thurman was probably a looker in her day, and in her short skirt she was showing off shapely legs.
Taking my face between her hands she said, "I can see why my daughter likes you. You are very handsome. "
Then she kissed me on the mouth, her tongue sliding into my mouth. With our lips pressed together her hand lightly brushed my erection. “Humm.” she moaned.
Stepping back smiling, she handed me my iced tea. “You kids have a nice night, and you come back real soon.”

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