Mambu Dogface in a Banana Patch -or- Its simple.

“Why is the sea cow such a simple creature then?” Shot back Joel, “What purpose does it serve?? I mean honestly..” Steve had to think long and hard on that one. he did have a point, it was a simple creature. “Have you ever heard the moo of the manatee?” He asked Joel, forming a simple answer. “No, but why does that matter?” snorted Joel.
“Because it is a wondrous sound, Simple and sweet . It makes you think that maybe we’re too advanced, that maybe we should go back to being simple creatures.” Steve rambled on, “I mean, In the final analysis, People are the ones who gave the manatee its simple nickname.”
“Wait a minute,” retorted Joel, “How would you know? you have never been to earth. you’ve been up here in this space station your whole life. plain an simple.”
Steve looked around and grinned, “Oh yeah, I guess I simply forgot.”

Doctor Bennings and Dr. Lea watched the “Special” men sit on the floor and talk to each other through the one-way mirror. “You see Lea, they really are simple fellows, aren’t they?”

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