The sky was covered in shades of blue and grey with rain drops slicing through the clouds. She stepped out of the gym, spinning her blue and white umbrella. She inhaled the gentle cool breeze in her pores and felt the mist of rain on her face. She walked a couple of feet to a black metallic swinging bench. She grabbed a newspaper, dried the bench, then the dry piece she sat on. A pink rose bush caught her eye, and she watched the rose take in the water.

“Wow, the rain is just beautiful,” he said.
“Yeah, it is! How did you know I was here?” She whispered.
“I know you, baby,” Malik said. “Writing poetry?”
“Yeah, just clearing my mind,” she said.
“Well, do you mind company?” Malik said.
She wipe off the bench and he sat next to her. He plucked a pink rose from the bush and said, “ It’s as gorgeous as you are."
She smiled.
“I love you, girl.”
She looked surprised.
“Malik, I love you too.”
Malik took the pink rose, remove the thorns, and slid it into her hair.
“Now, your perfect,” he said before he kissed her.

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