Batman's last battle.

thud Batman hit the floor for the fourteenth time in a row.

“This is starting to get annoying” he thought

The sound of the factory’s gears turning was mechanical and cold; completely uninviting. Paris had invited him here for a fun time, and with his record he expected a coughs fun time. But obviously her idea of fun was different from his idea. You see this all started when. BLURRY-FLASHBACK-FADE

Paris had been doing her incredibly dangerous and stupid stunt of the day. Sky-diving into a factory… Well i had managed to save her but she bonked her head pretty hard. Too hard. She was going to surprise me by crashing in through the window. But i already knew she was gonna do that because im the batman. When Paris bumped her head she was suddenly able to use 30% of her brain instead of the regular 10. This gave her the embarrisingly annoying power of making guy’s be a complete spaz around girl’s which is usually normal except this power multiplies the effect by 10.Back 2 the battle. TB contin..

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