Clumsiness is the death of all smart people.

Batman leapt to his feet and threw a bat-a-rang. He missed by a mile. Suddenly Paris had become incredibly appealing too, making him lose his focus. Batman tripped again.

“You ruined my perfect face batman.” she said hatefully “Now im going to ruin you!”

There would not be any reasoning with her

“I’m doomed.” Batman thought “Unless maybe”

Batman took off his cape and tied it around his face. Now he could not see Paris numbing some of the clumsiness. But Paris saw this coming (she’s smarter now) and stepped into Batman and simply kissed him on the mouth. All further resistance crumbled.

“Good Bye Batman.” She whispered

And then Paris pushed Batman over the railing. And with a thud that was the end of Batman. Most people thought he would die fighting. But Batman died with no resistance and in a dazed heap. Paris resumed her normal life and went to jail a lot less due to her increased intellect. Robin finally got the fame he deserved and finally was deemed a full-fledged hero. And then the ficly ended.

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