We all make mistakes.....

“OH MY GAWD! Your car is soooo icky.”
Batman had applied for new sidekicks after what happened to Robin. Somehow, this….. thing, this noisebox had won.
Batman cleared his throat as Paris snapped her gum.
“Ummmm, if we are gonna be doing this whole crime fighting thing,” she glanced at his bat-suit, “we are totally gonna get you some new digs.”
She snapped her gum. Batman cringed.
“This is my suit. I wear it when I fight crime, it protects from from the unknown danger that lurks in the city of Gotham and it puts fear into the hearts of my enemies.”
Paris looked offended.
“Ohmigod. Why are you talking like that? You sound like my grandpa, who, btw, has lung cancer. Not hot. What’s wrong with your voice?”
“….it puts fear into the hearts of my enem-”
Paris snapped her gum.
Batman turned.
“Alright, you little brat, I swear to God and all that is holy,” he grabbed her collar, “snap your gum one more time and see what happens.”
She giggled.
“DUDE! Totally treated my life!”
She was driving him mad.

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