A Swing Lesson Tab

“Swing Dance Lessons!”

The poster rather amused me when I saw it; one of the last things you would expect to see on a café bullitin board was an ad for swing lessons.

Then again, considering the eclectic nature of said establishment, it shouldn’t have surprised me.

But still, swing lessons?

I took the tab from the bottom of the poster, stuck it in my coat pocket, and halfway forgot about it.

It didn’t resurface until I was emptying my pockets weeks later. I smoothed the crumpled slip out between my fingers, uttering a curious “huh.” The idea of any kind of dance that wasn’t just jumping around like a maniac intrigued me, swing especially. I’ve always loved swing music; something about it just made you want to dance, whether you knew how to or not.

Was it useful in this day and age? Probably not, but that’s not the point of learning how to do something.

Besides, y’never know when you’ll need to do some swing move in your life.

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