The Dark Side Of Stakeouts

So long as the toilet was readily available, she could wait until the last second to use it. For now, it was more important to wait and watch. She couldn’t let Kostov our of her sight. He was sitting alone at a tiny round table outdoors eating a club sandwich served by an anonymous Miami waitress.

A woman just took the seat across from him! She turned to speak so I couldn’t read her lips through my binoculars. She reached in her purse and slid an envelope across the table discreetly under her hand, as if she were inviting him to hold hers.

He took it! He stuffed it into his breast pocket.
“Target has the goods.” I radioed to base.

Squad cars swarmed the diner, the man took off running, shooting at the officers over the diner’s ducking heads. He hopped in a car that suddenly screamed around the corner and blocked the pot shots of the officers.

Squad cars then shot off after him. I turned my own key. If they caught him, my work was over, if not, I’d find him again. For now, I needed that toilet.

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