Reference Points

Ruby snapped out of her daydreams when the dull murmur of voices once again overtook the music. She looked down at the now empty cup of coffee cradled in her hands and noted how despite her mind drifting completely into other realms, she could still retain necessary eating and drinking routines.

Ruby sat back in her chair. She was seated at a long stretch of a bar table against a complete wall of glass that looked out onto the street outside. The chair was tall, which made it slightly difficult for Ruby’s short stature to perch comfortably on top when her legs were swinging inches above the foot rungs underneath. She leaned forward, using the table surface to brace her. She flipped through the book again, trying to remember a few parts that were so good, she wished she had written them herself. She usually wrote these sorts of passages down in her moleskin notebook she never seemed to part with, and would reference them later when she needed inspiration.

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