Small Talk

The barista stared out the window for a moment, gave a dramatic sigh to possibly ensue some sort of conversation with Ruby and then looked over at her expectantly. Ruby was not enthused in the slightest, but decided to humor him anyway.

“So…how’s work?” She said, making a pathetic attempt at small talk that made her cringe inside.

“Oh, you know, business as usual,” he replied cheerily, which Ruby translated as, I hate my job, thanks for reminding me.

“I see…” she said, letting her gaze drift out onto the street again. The barista’s gaze followed suit.

“I wish I was out there doing something better and important, instead of serving people overpriced coffee,” he said, his eyes never leaving the street.

“There’s so much more out there,” Ruby sighed, “We’ve got this big fucking world full of poignant things happening, all these really important moments. Thing is, we never can spot them because they disguise themselves in the ordinary. People are so stupid.”

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