An Important Moment

“Why’s that?” The barista said, looking over now at Ruby with a somewhat confused expression creeping up onto his face.

“Because, people think that they can attempt to do something important, just like that, like they need some sort of validation on life or something. You can’t just make it happen. You let it happen. If you know you’re doing something significant, you just get this huge, overwhelming complex and the next thing you know everyone thinks they’re a fucking saint.”

At this point, Ruby paused and resumed staring out the window, but this time she wasn’t drifting off, she was actually looking at the things just a pane of glass away from her, onto the other side of the street where opposite of her was another coffee shop, nearly exact to the one she sat in. Same glass walls, same chairs, same coffee, where the figure of a man sat at one of the window tables just like hers, and stared back at her like a mirror reflection. She didn’t realize it, but it was an important moment.

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