Fusaichi: Tokagowa Shogunate Shipping Co.

“Where the hell are we?” Engineer, Corbet Bell asked, sauntering on to the bridge, with a clang of the heavy steel door.
“Just passing VS687,”
“English, please, Shiela! Not all of us speak, Nav!”
“Vega 687, Corby – what can I do for you today?” Sheila Chang spun around from her navigation’s console.
“I just came to see your fine self is all. Can’t a southern man enjoy SOME scenery in this cold cold depths of space!” Corbet leaned close to the Asian Pilot.
“No, seriously,” Chang slapped at the engineer’s groping hands, “What did you want!?”
“Where are we going? What’s the job?”
“Where we’re going is New China,”
“Ohh, home?”
“Yes,” Chang spun around facing her console and rechecked her calculations, “The job? Well, I’m not sure you’re going to like it!”
“Try me! What’s the cargo?”
“Not ‘what’. Who!”
“Fine. Who then?”
Sheila’s face grimaced, “Kashkins,”
“WHAT? IS the Captain fuctin’ mad?!”
“I told you, you wouldn’t like it!”
The door opened. The XO entered.
“What won’t you like, Corbet?”
“Oh nothing!?”

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