The Park

Mrs. Robinson finally regained her nerve and sent him to the principal’s office. Martin got up disgruntled. Ever since he left middle-school his Mom had said he couldn’t be sent to the principal’s offce or he would be in big trouble. Well he was in trouble now and that made him even madder at Tim. The principal called his parent’s and he was given a week of detention.

“Today is just not my day.” he thought.

The Park
“Hey Stacey over here!” Tim called

Stacey turned around.

“Hey Tim.”
“So How are you?” Tim asked
“Oh, I’m fine.”
“Just fine?”

Stacey looked into Tim’s eyes. They were brown like chestnut’s. “This can’t be.” she thought “I’m starting to find Tim… attractive.” she thought

They walked in the park and talked about all sorts of things. The end of the day was soon upon them and they both were regretful it was so. Tim took Stacey’s hand and she gladly held his.

“I’m starting to see a new side of Tim, he’s not the nerdy, stupid geeek I once thought he was.” she thought

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