Mighty-Joe Picks Up The Transmission

Bartimaeus continued to lay down covering fire as the Fictomous Bolt retreated to the skies then he turned the helicopter around and followed after.

“This is Bartimaeus reporting from the ’Copter. Do you read? Over.” The transmission came over the speakers of Fictomous Bolt.

“Loud n’ Clear, Bartimeaus. What’s the enemy situation? Over.” Jason replied through the headset while everyone in the passenger cabin began planning the next battle strategy.

“Enemy situation: We’re all clear Captain, the SS AOL is going down and the rest of the fleet is returning to headquarters. Over.”

Everyone cheered.

“Its not over yet.” Blusparrow warned.

“You’re darned right it ain’t over yet!” A new voice came over the radio.

“How did you get this channel?” Jason demanded. “Identify yourself immediately!”

“Who do you think it is?” The voice sounded smug. “This is Mighty-Joe Young reporting from the coast of South America, I can see the plane from here! Now get your assets down here and pick me up!”

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