All Sorts Of Confusing

“You asked me, and I told you.” I agreed with her. “But obviously its something you were trying to hide, so I should have pretended I didn’t notice.” I felt myself turning red.

“Devon, I can handle the truth.” Kalyla said, then she smiled a little. “In fact, while we’re here I might as well buy some handles to make it easier.”

Devon laughed. “You’re funny. But still, I feel bad, so ice cream is on me.”

“Its not necessary.” She started to protest, pushing her short brown hair behind her ear. “Really-”

I cut her off and held up my hands. “Hey, Kalyla. I’m buying you ice cream and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I really hoped she would stop refusing me, because I really did feel awful. I knew I shouldn’t have told her.

She was smiling genuinely now, without a trace of the unhappiness I’d seen before. “You are all sorts of confusing.” Kalyla looked me up and down. “But fine, if you insist.”

Trust me, Kalyla. You’re all sorts of confusing too.

We locked up our bikes and headed into the mall.

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