My Lady Enters.

The Ninja whispered into the doctors face as the paladin was being carried into the medical bay, “If you touch her skin directly with your unclean hands, you will be beheaded. If you do anything that she may view as rude, you will be beheaded. If you look into her face.”
The ninja’s words became smaller and smaller as the tiny form elegently stepped from the Box. Her tiny kitten paw feet carressed the ground as she rose from the carrying case. Her features were completely hidden by dangling jewel encrusted beads that hung from her helmet. Her prepubescant frame rose only slightly more than a meter from the deck, but it was more than the doctor could take.
He fell to the floor with tears in his eyes.
The ninja whispered to the jewel encrusted assassin, “My Lady, your right arms.”
The beads parted and two right arms brushed past four excuisite katanas that jetted out of her decoration.
The doctor’s gun inoculated the milky white bedroom skin, as tears ran down the meaker head’s face.

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