The Bridge

The XO was unconvinced, “If you have something to say, Corby, please, go ahead and share it!”
And there it was, his hand up on his ninja-to at his hip. Corbet, unconsciously, placed his hand behind his back, his hand closing over the pummel of his U271 bolt pistol; the best that Zurich-Minor 3 could manufacture.
“Sir, I swear, I have nothing to say. So long as I get paid, sir,”
Sheila let a sarcastic huff loose, “Jien tah-duh guay, you have nothing to say, Corby,”
Disparaged, Corbet Bell waved a hand at the gorgeous asian navigator, “What is it with you, huh? What i said was between you, me and Fusaichi,”
“I’m amazed,” the XO commented, “That you attach such a persona to our vessel,”
“Are you kidding?” the engineer replied, “She’s unique!”
“How so?”
“She’s the only ship in the Shogunate that employs AI in her Core!”
“Her core?”
“Don’t get him started, Number One!” Chang shook her head grinning.
The XO ignored her, and zeroed on Corbet, “you were saying about our honored guests?”

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