The Former Amnesiac Has A Flashback

Laylani and Oliver sat on the dock just staring into the water.She thought back to how this whole thing had started.

Laylani and Oliver had been found wandering the streets of downtown Waynesborough three years ago,Laylani had been severely burned and Oliver was carrying her with a blank expression on his face. No one could figure out who they were or where they had come from. There hadn’t been a fire in the city for months. They were taken to the hospital and it was discovered that they couldn’t remember a thing.

They had total amnesia.

They were turned over to a special program for amnesiacs, to try and pull up their memories from their subconscious.

It went haywire.

Instead of bringing back their old memories it flash burned the memories of the other people in the program into their brains. Their minds couldn’t handle the strain, so they fragmented. Their personalities split.

But it was different than regular split personality disorder, it caused them to actually become different people.

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