Ted's Tuna

It doesn’t make any sense that Ted’s Tuna, a small sandwich shop about a mile from here, is so successful. Ted used to be a some kind of corporate middle manager who lost his passion for whatever it was he did shortly after he started doing it about 30 years ago. I’m guessing he never had the passion to begin with, but he was good enough at it and sometimes that’s all it takes. He doesn’t have what you would call good business acumen, and even though he can be pretty funny, his humor runs high on the sarcasm scale and he pisses off more people than he amuses.

It sure isn’t menu variety that brings in the traffic. Ted says he’s a tuna purist, and that’s a colossal understatement. You can get one thing: a tuna sandwich (Starkist chunk white packed in water, heavy on the Hellman’s, and celery) on white or sourdough bread. Toasted or not. Lettuce and tomato, and a slice of onion if you want. That’s it.

The dude just loves tuna. I’m happy for him.

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