Birthday surprise

“Hello, my name is God but you can call me dad” the old man smiled benevolently at the intoxicated man before him
“Wow, you’re either a bad comedian or a drunk nut-job who somehow got past the security” The drunk 20 year old tried to stumble away but the old man pulled him back with a sigh
“Look, Steve I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s the best explanation I can give that you will understand until you’re fully grown, now some major events will be happening soon and you need to know certain things before my time here is up” Steven swung at the old man and fell over
“Will you just fuck off and stop ruining my birthday!” The old man looked thoughtfully down at him
“I’m sure the board won’t mind if I reset and try a different route…” Everything shifted back a few minutes
“Hello, my is God and about 20 years ago me and your mom…..”

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