Maze me

The sensations of it were what thrilled her every time – taut with anticipation, stretched over the framework of his desire (by day a metal-framed shelving unit ..) she knew it wouldn’t be long before all the energy compelled into her willing limbs would be rolled up and released. But in the meantime, the stretch – from one bound ankle through to another bound wrist, not forgetting the severe embrace of the bodywork, laced into the finest coarse-rope corset .. she sighed with the joy of it. She could hear him behind her, working, weaving, tightening – looping the rope against her warmest places and tugging tight, till she was almost split from it.

Now that she could not get out, wriggle though she might, held tight against the tip of his lip .. now that she could not get out, he could find his way in.

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