Dwayne Dreams

Dwayne woke up from yet another dream. At least he thought it was a dream. Lately he’s had trouble distinguishing fact from fantasy. Tonight was no exception. He looked around and, much to his amusement, had no idea where he was. Perhaps he was still dreaming? No. He had just been flying. This had to be real. But where was he?

It wasn’t so much a room as one would expect, more of a chamber. Dark and gray. Dull and boring. Was he underground? Off in the distance he could see a faint glow traveling down the gray walls. Figuring it was as good as any direction, Dwayne started walking. That’s when he heard the voice.

It was a familiar voice, one he knew form somewhere, he just wasn’t sure where. It was a female, soft and gentle. Because of the disorientating gray walls, Dwayne had no idea where it was coming from. He found this particularly amusing considering what the voice was saying.

“Come to me.”

Dwayne laughed and thought aloud, “I’ve got to be dreaming.”

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