Shadow Of A Doubt

“Come on, Laylani. Shhh.” Oliver pleaded. “You know I don’t know either. We are who we are and eventually people will learn to understand.”

Laylani continued to sob into his chest. “I know, I know. You always say that. Don’t you ever doubt for the slightest instant?” She demanded.

“Hope is all we have.” Oliver said, smoothing her hair. “Are you ok now?”

Laylani sighed. Tears never solved their problems anyway. “I guess so.”

They sat in silence, watching the ships across the bay.

“How are you so good at it?” She asked him suddenly.

“Good at what?” Oliver was startled. He had been completely lost in his own thoughts.

“Controlling the personality change.” Laylani prodded. “I can never control it very well, its like the other three gang up on me.”

Oliver sighed heavily. “I don’t really know. Maybe because there’s only two of me and four of you, or maybe its because both my personality’s like to behave themselves.”

Laylani raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“You know what I mean.” He blinked. “Victoria?”

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