A point of law in the torah

There is a traditional story, concerning a debate among 100 rabbis on a particular point of law in the Torah. The debate was 99 rabbis against one. The debate had lasted for days with no stopping.

Finally the one rabbi cried out, “Lord, if I am right let a great wind come up.” Immediately a great wind blew the doors of the room open and the roof flew off the building. Still the 99 argued.

The one rabbi said, “Lord, if I am right, let the trees bow down before me.” And the wind caused all the trees in sight to immediately fall down. The 99 argued even louder.

The one rabbi shouted, “Lord, if I am right, make them shut up!” The wind suddenly stopped and a voice from heaven came and said…

“Oy Vey! That’s impossible! Even I can’t get Jews to stop arguing about the law.“

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