Yellow Daisy

He smiled back up at her, she was taller than he imagined, and then he looked down and realized she was wearing very tall wedged shoes. If he wanted to kiss her, he’d have to stand tip toe, he thought.

One hand behind his back pulled out a single yellow daisy, which he presented to her with a shy smile. Her face lit up.

“My favorite!” She exclaimed, pulling it close to her face and giving it a little sniff without keeping her eyes off of him. He felt increasingly shy under her constant gaze.

“Shall we go?” He offered, taking on of her flowered suitcases and heading out of the crowded airport. He led her to his car, helping her put her things in the backseat and hurried to open her door for her.

“What a gentleman,” she said with a little laugh that sounded lovely to his ears. As she slightly bent down to get into the car, he stopped her. He put his hands lightly on her shoulders and kissed her softly.

A group of passerbys began making whooping noises and he pulled back, embarrased.

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