Milk War(Part 2)

They had created a stage and use it to challenge rival stands. Two by two the girls would battle for another title; dance empress! Of course the boys would flock to the victorious stand and make sure it sold out fast. Guys just couldn’t resist victory.

On a particularly hot day, Harriet and Susan had been challenged by Marry and Cathy. The four girls made their way to the stage as the boys gathered around. Someone started the music and the dance-off had begun.

Half an hour later, the two teams were locked in a tie. It was impossible to tell who had the better set of skills. Then Susan thought of something. She sommersaulted off the stage, landed on the radio, killed the music, and proceeded to rap.

“Yo yo yo,” she started,
“You girls can dance,
but can you shake it?
Can you shake that milk?
Cuz I know I can!
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
My yard, not yours pozer!
And they like, its better than yours!”

With that Harriet and Susan won hands down. No guy could resist a girl that could rap.

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