We saw it coming for years, a long period piece of ort cloud debris the perigee whose orbit brought it almost perfectly to the orbit of Earth. But it was massive, well massive for a wandering planet, about twice the mass of Earth.

As the calculations came back more and more precise, it became clear that it was going to come close too, as in a few million kilometers, but we weren’t too worried, there are near earth objects that go whizzing by all the time, and they never do anything.

For weeks the tides got stranger as the object approached, just a growing minitide between high and low, and the dot got brighter, until the lit crescent of it’s surface was visible with the naked eye.

Then the unthinkable happened as it sailed by uncomfortable close, causing earthquakes, monster tides, tsunamis, and all sorts of smaller disasters, the moon smashed into it like a bug hits a windshield, leaving a glowing crater across the planet and billions of tons of dust and rocks, falling towards it, and the Earth.

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