Perfect Justice

The President stepped up to the podium set up in the Rose Garden. “Good afternoon.

“In the month since the tragic death of Justice Dobrev, a great deal of speculation has surrounded who I would nominate to replace her. Would I pick the easy way and nominate someone who could easily win confirmation? Or would I try to put my mark on history by making an unconventional nomination? Well, the speculation is now over; I’m going with an unconventional choice.

“My nominee for Associate Justices of the Supreme Court is LawBot KX-117. All of our nation’s laws and legal judgments have been uploaded to KX-117’s memory, so we can safely say that no human knows more law than it. Plus, every human – whether they admit it or not – is biased in some way, but KX-117 offers complete impartiality.

“Unparalleled knowledge of the law and impartiality made this an easy choice, and I expect the American people and the Senate to agree.”

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