How not to fit in Part 2, It all started when challenge.

Glares and whispers followed her as she walked down the narrow aisle of the bus. Her unease grew as she looked for a seat. She felt as if everyone on the bus were staring at her. Relieved she found an empty seat & sat down. She hunkered down into to her seat attempting to be as inconspicuous as possible. Perhaps if she was very quiet.

The bus halted with a jolt. They had only gone a few feet? Apparently, someone had almost been left behind. A short gangly boy walked onto the bus. His brown hair seemed to go in every direction, but the one he wanted. He walked akwardly down the aisle, almost tripping over someone’s extended foot. With horror she realized he was heading straight for her, a grin spreading across his face.

He plopped down gracelessly next to her and began to talk.
“No English” she said, moving away from him and toward the window.
He kept talking & moving in closer until she could move no further.
“No English”, she repeated, but he seemed oblivious.
He chattered on happily the entire way.

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