Dune Time

Science fiction club romances can lead to some strange places. I’d met the cutest guy at the sci-fi club at my college. Mike was adorable, probably a genius, and maybe had some weird psychic powers-or something-it’s hard to explain. It all got weird one day at his aunt’s place, where he was house sitting.

“Come out to the pool!”

“What’s up? I thought the pool was drained?” As we approached I saw the pool was entirely filled with sand. “It’s the world’s largest litter box…or is it an ash tray?”

“No, it’s my own mini-Dune!”he giggled.

“Ok,” I played along. As I spoke he stomped on the patio. “So where are the sandworms?”

Just then I saw a thick ringed body breach the surface of the sand.It was the diameter of a large anaconda, but clearly no snake. The concentric rings, the lamprey mouth, I could smell the vague cinnamon odor of the legendary melange.

" Mike, why?"

“He who controls the spice, controls the universe, Baby.”

Well, it was the last thing you’d expect to find in a swimming pool.

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