Pleasure, Not Business (victoria's secret)

Victoria always had a knack for separating business from pleasure.

Down in the bowels of the mansion, behind a sliding panel in the game room wall, was a space where Victoria could be alone. Only she knew about the room, and it was filled with her favorite things.


The herpetological scent of warm, stale scales wafted out from the den. The glow of heat lamps and blue light from UVB flourescents illuminated the artificial trees and green mosses that lined the elaborate glass cages.

“Hello my beauties! Did you miss me?” She peered into each cage, making sure each inhabitant was inside. Then she fed and watered each one, petting them and calling them by name. “Hello Angel, Demi, Lace, and Ipex.”
She saved her favorite for last, a large female albino python named Pink, enjoying the way she ate the mouse whole and letting her wrap heavily around her exposed skin, her scales as smooth as satin.

She laid back on the shag carpet and let Pink twine around her limbs. This was her inspiration, her muse.

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