Insanity Calling- The Party

The party was a hit. Matt and Shawn’s place was fantastic, lots of room, plenty of expensive thing to break, in-ground pool, and (ofcourse) more than enough alcohol. Over two hundred attended the late night summer bash. Most were on the main floor blasting music, dancing, and just making asses of themselves in general. Many wear clad in swimwear and mingling in the pool. Others had gone upstairs to get cozy in the bedrooms. Everyone was drinking.

That’s why nobody noticed when Steve and Shawn took Eric and left in the truck.

“We’re gonna go swimming,” they told Eric as they drove down the desolate road. They looked at eachother and discretely snickered. Eric had had more than his share of liquor; they knew he would never catch on.

“Were’d everone else go?” Eric slurred, his words just barely comprehensible.

“Dude, he’s trashed!” Matt laughed.

“Better not throw up in my fucking truck,” Shawn sneered.

Upon reaching the beach, Matt helped Eric stumble out of the back seat.

“Come here,” Shawn said.

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