Eric wobbled over to where Shawn stood. Shawn took removed a pocket knife from his jeans. and ran it across Erics hand, cutting deep into his palm.

“Dude, what the hell?” Matt gave a confused look.

“It’ll go quicker now,” Shawn replied. He turned to Eric, quickly putting on a smile. “Okay, ready to go swimming, buddy?”

“Sure, man,” Eric laughed. He attempted to unbotton his pants, and failed several times.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do that for you,” said Shawn, hastily stripping Eric down to his underwear.

“Aright, now go out and start swimming! We’ll be there in a sec.” Matt led him to the shore and patted his back, then turned and walked back to where Shawn still remained.

“You think he can even swim this drunk?” commented Matt.

To their surprise, he could.

“Hey, you guys comin’? He yelled, now rather far out into the water.

“Yeah just keep goin,” Shawn yelled back.

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