Eric continued to swim. His hand kept on bleeding, but he had too much alcohol in him to feel the pain. The farther he went, the more blood spread throughout the water.After a few more minutes, he turned toward the beach to see if his friends had joined him, when he felt something rub against his legs. He looked down, but it was too dark to see.

“Are you joking with me guys?” He chuckled, barely able to keep himself from passing out from the booze.

When he felt fang-like teeth sink into his leg, he knew this was no joke.

“Guys!” Eric screamed as the monster bit deeper, snapping the bone in half. The massive mouth moved upward, he could feel it engulfing him.

Shawn and Matt heard terrible screaming and saw Eric begin to flail in the water.

“Help!!” Eric shrieked just before the teeth stabbed into his waist, cutting his body clean in half. He could say no more. The blood gushed from his torso like a bucket tossed upside down. The upper half of his body sank into the water.

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