Matt’s jaw dropped. He struggled to get a word out, but could not. Shawn remained frozen, like stone. His glaring gaze never turned from the spot in the water where his so-called friend had just been masacred. Even in the darkness, they could both see the scarlett shade of the water where Eric’s body once was.

Matt, still unable to speak, saw something drifting to shore along with a portion of the blood. They stood and waited. Minutes turned to hours as Matt’s head spun with fear. The object reached the sand, and Matt inched closer to it.

It was Eric’s mutilated hand, jaggedly severed at the wrist. The cut on his palm from the pocket knife could still be seen.

Matt screamed. He screamed louder than he ever had in his entire life. He screamed until his voice could scream no longer. Then he threw up.

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