Why We Fear Sharks. "Oh God Challenge"

The Angels screamed as the Asian fishermen ran the huge spears through the Lord Of Hosts. The tears of the first born of the earth mixed with the salt water as their bodies convulsed.
“How can you watch this?” Gabriel yelled.
“She commanded us to watch.”
The huge shark swam up behind the dolphins who were trailing the whaler, “Where is pure love now?”
“This is pure love but your kind could never understand this.”
The shark rose slightly, letting the dolphins see the hundreds behind her and replied, “I’ll let em understand this(She turned to the sharks) I am the Princess of the powers of the sea, and i command you all to killem”
The dolphin screamed at Shitan, “That isn’t what she wanted.”
“They are drowning and peircing the body of the largest creature to ever appear on the face of the planet. She birthed this sea from her body. Do you hear it; even in death she sings to them.” The morning star fought back tears through anger and continued.
“Let’s show the monkeys why they are scared of the sea”

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