Backspace of Epic Proportions

The universe spreading far and wide, a never ending expanse. Infinite boredom. What to do? Sigh.

I know…

First, God created the Heavens and the Earth. Now this is more like it. At least there is something to look at! Hmm.. But it’s so plain. Sigh.

Let there be light, and there was. Voila! Wow! Me, I am good! I’ll call this Day, and the other thing, uh, Night. One down…

And so it went, through the firmament, the waters, the vegetation, seeds bearing their own, stars, etc. and so on until finally, God created Humans.

Well, whatdoya know? Those are crazy little buggers aren’t they. Sigh.

What the?! Hey! I thought I told you not to touch that! Fine, then! Here’s something for you then, Eve and Adam! Sigh.

You’ve got to be kidding Me! Can’t you people just… Oh for the love of ME! Sigh.

Try a flood this time! Little pieces of.. Okay, I shouldn’t lose my cool. Sorry about that one. Here’s a rainbow. Won’t happen again. Promise. Sigh.

Oh! Good Me! Not again! Sigh.


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