Writer's Block 3: The Test

SUDDENLY, Henry landed on a trampoline, and he bounced back up!
But he didn’t have any time to grab on to any thing, so he fell back into the hole.
After doing that 42 times, Henry said, “This is taking to long!”, and he put the toes of his steel-toed boots through the trampoline.

Henry fell through the hole that he had created, and landed in a sea of letters.

“Hmmmmm…..” he said as he cotemplated what to do next.

He thought and thought until he came up with an idea!

Henry began to collect some letters.

After trying sevral different combinations of letters,he stuck the word AUTHOR on the wall, followed by the word REVEALED .

Suddenly, a badly drawn stick figure appeared out of thin air in a puff of smoke!

“We can talk later” it said. " We don’t have enough time in this ficly to have a disscussion."

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