A day in the life of...Jenunique's computer

Shaky- shaky. Wakey- wakey.

Whiiihhrrrr. That’s “yawn” in computer speak. It’s only 05:00 hours! Didn’t you just go away at 01:00?!? I thought you humans needed to recharge for like, 6- 8 hours before being functional?

Stop pressing my button like that! Now look what you’ve done. Fine. We’ll just have to wa..

.. Darn it. You Restarted me. That’s not fair.

Windows did not shut down properly. Would you like to.._

I knew you would choose to start normally… I don’t know why I even bother asking.

Stop clicking.

It won’t make me move any faster. Really. I am top of the line. It’s why you bought me, remember?

Oh my-cro-soft! If you right click one more time, I will just hang up for the rest of the morning! Go back to bed already!

Wait. You cleaned me. I love you! I hate all those fingerprints. They ick up my view. Okay, since you cleaned me. I’ll cooperate.

Now… where are we going today? Oh! Hey! Watch what I figured out happens when a bug just barely touches my surface…

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