The Unsung ficleteer. (0r ficlite)

A small eerie cloud crept over the landscape. It began to expand becoming thinner and thinner. If you looked closely you could see almost a gray haze. Noone looked. They were too worried about the boy in the monster truck. But the unsung ficleteer had arrived. Most say to be a ficleteer you have to be a writer, actively there and communicating with everyone else. But this ficliteer, never wrote a ficlet. Never posted a comment or rated a ficlet. No this member just existed. He watched eagerly over his sister’s shoulder reading many stories. Learning about many people. Some would say he was a spy. I would say he was a man who knew the truth. This is the unsung ficleteer.

The haze began to grow darker. Suddenly it was upon them. Lw, Band Baby, THX, g2, and many other including the mighty joe young looked up. It was The Silent Storm. He had finally found them. A single raindrop fell from the haze. The unsung ficleteer was now a ficlite. Happy to see all the people he knew about but never could reach.

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