Reworking Mother Nature

Yes, of course, my dear. Whatever changes you wish made, I can do. The scar on your back, breast reduction, and more!

“Plastic surgeon”? My dear, what I do is far beyond those butchers. I am, for lack of a better term, a biomancer. I work magic with living tissue. Quite literally, magic! I don’t hack you up! I mold you, like an artist molds clay, into whatever form you want. Can they make you taller? Change the colour of your eyes? No, I thought not.

But understand one thing: there is a price. No, no, not my fee, though that is substantial. The price I’m talking about is pain. The process is quite excruciating, but when you dare try and rework Mother Nature, she demands something in return.

Anesthetic? Oh, no. I tried that once. Nature doesn’t like it when you try and circumvent her. Once the anesthetic wore off… Well, let’s just say she didn’t live long. Fortunately.

So, do you still want to go through with it? Excellent! You’ve told me what you want. Now, let my magic make you the belle of the ball!

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