Jake threw his head up into the air.
He screamed, the only thing that came from his mouth was a small black spider.
That’s when the rest came.
The arachnids were pouring out of his mouth like water. He tried to yell for help, but the spiders muffled the despair he was trying to express.
He stood up tried to yell for help, and saw a man standing, watching at the end of the corridor.
He struggled to his feet and began to run towards the man, arm outstretched.
The spiders began to loose their grip, falling onto the floor, to crawl away.
The man at the end of the corridor did not flinch when Jake fell to his knees and grabbed his shirt.
Suddenly, as if his body had been split open, and pulled apart piece by piece, Jake turned into something else. Something horrible.
“You shouldn’t take acid,” Jake said to the man at the end of the corridor, “acid kills.”
With that, Jake devoured the man at the end of the corridor.
That’s when Jake noticed the man’s colleagues, who had obviously taken the same drug the man had.

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