Damn, that check-out queue is long today!
“Good morning, nice weather we’re having.”
blah beep blah beep blah beep keep faking that smile
I look up and she stands in front of me. Victoria! But there is something different about her today. She is not wearing her usual businesslike blouse and pencil skirt; No, today she is wearing a red coat, and I catch a glimpse of some lace patterned stockings. She seems taller somehow as well. I’m guessing she’s in platforms although I can not see them. Then she leans over to take an item from her cart and I can see the first buckle of the corset under the coat.
The thrill kicks through me I know Victoria’s secret!
Then she winks at me and smiles “When will you be getting off?”
“a a bout right now?” I stammer.
She laughs that sexy laugh and as she leaves she whispers. “6 o’clock. I’ll be waiting”.
fuck woman, not now, I still have customers, damn you

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