Fenris' Search

The moon was full and already overhead when Fenris left the cave he’d hidden in earlier that day. He was always careful to hide himself before dawn. This was a nice cave, but he had to leave it behind. There was a new scent on the air and he had to investigate.

He flew low, where the breeze held the richest aromas. Cattle, sheep, laurel, sea salt , and a musk he’d never encountered before. It was not unpleasant, and difficult to track. He flew for hours, stopping to eat once, then searching for the scent again. It grew stronger to the east. Soon the rising sun would put an end to his hunt and he worried he would lose the trail.

The cliffs rose jagged from the sea. The salty air almost masked the musk, and the horizon lightened threateningly. He had to find another cave and give up the search. He spied an opening halfway up a cliff face. He flew inside.

The musk scent overwhelmed him. He’d found the lair! Two luminescent eyes above two sharp fangs scowled and hissed at him.

Then they both turned to stone.

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