A Letter To Say Good-Bye

It’s not like you
To say such things
I know I have said before I would give you the world
I know now that I can’t even feed our child

Its hard to sleep
When you lay awake
You scream at me
To get a job
To find some passion in this world

Completely lost
Completely hopeless
I tried to give you what you wanted
But I know now it’s impossible

Holding on to what is now a cold less relationship
Your tears are nothing more then sounds threw the night
I know I tried to give you a diamond ring on your birthday
I know I tried to be there for our child

But how can one do so
If he doesn’t even know if the child is his
You sleep in a bed that held many more men
You confuse me
You try your hardest to get away from the truth that is told

I know I promised the world
But all I could get is a letter to say good-bye.

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