The Second Time Around

It was Jilly and Mark’s second playdate, the first had been after Tot Time when they were only 4 months old. Elisabeth and Kate, the moms, got on well enough, so it had been arranged again. Now, though, the kids were old enough to actually play.

“Here,” said Kate, holding out a Fisher Price fireman to her son Mark, “put him in the truck and take it for a drive. Vroom, vroom!” She drove the truck across the floor demonstrating.

“Want! Want!” Jilly yelled, bouncing on her diaper-cushioned bum.

“Sorry sweety, that one’s for Mark,” Elisabeth crooned, “why don’t you play with the ambulance?” She handed Jilly the paramedic and ambulance. Jilly shoved the paramedic into the driver’s seat and began to push.

Elisabeth and Kate sat back and watched as the toddlers drove their trucks in circles around the living room. When they were done, a track had been beaten into the carpet.

“Well,” said Elisabeth, Jilly on one hip and a diaper bag on the other, “this was fun. Let’s do it again.”

Kate nodded. “Soon!”

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