To Awaken

Agony. Screaming red agony that would fade and return every few moments, but never truly end. It clouded the mind.

Eyes clenched shut and fingers searched madly for ears to cover. The pain would not go away. There was no way to hide or escape from the torturous light and sound that battered at His senses.

His senses?

His senses.

The world shifted into focus and his mind cleared. The pain that came with every flash of the red warning lights and every wail the of security alarm persisted, but with understanding came some relief, and he could think once more.

Where? When? Who? How? Why? The obvious questions to which he had no answers. His memories were distant and fuzzy, offering vague sounds and images he could not comprehend. Perhaps his mind had not cleared so much as it seemed.

The pain still continued. He had to get away from it. Slowly, clumsily, and using smooth stone wall beside him for support, he rose to his feet.

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