Little Karma

“Enough… Leave me alone!”
“Just leave me alone!”
“You are not in a position to demand a thing!”
“You can’t stop me!”
“you can’t stop us,”
teeth grit.
“You have no right!”
There’s an arrogant smile… “I can do whatever I want…”
A dagger flies.
Fear flies.
“You can do…?”
“You can’t …..’
“You are wrong….
“I am …..”
The blade slices sinew!
“You were wrong”
“I was …………”
I am regretful. Head held in my hand. I frown. “Do not fight it, friend,”
“i am dying!”
“You are my angel of death!”
“I am no Angel!”
“Release me!”
“I cannot!”
He coughs. Chokes upon the blood that billows from his throat.
“Release me!” he says.
“I’ve no authority,” I said.
“I have taken from you?” he asked.
My daughter..
“No,” I lie, I wish only to take from you?"
There was sadness in his eyes.
I felt no sorrow.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
My blade sunk into his throat… “I am not!”
I shook. I stood regretful. No revenge.
I was no better.

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