Watching from the Wings

Hanging out in the clouds isn’t as relaxing as it had seemed back when he was on Earth. The angel thought. He folded back his white gossamer wings as he reclined. The angel gazed at the chaos he saw. These humans seemed to mess up everything they put their grubby hands on. He watched as a small group of them made their way across many of the blurred lines shown on the T.V screen, only to stop in one of the purple looking blobs. He was transfixed, until he noticed Him. Abruptly, the angel’s stare turned towards the blinding light that had just entered.
“Oh hey look, Cuba retook Haiti.”
The angel gaped stupidly, until he realized who he was looking at. “Ye-Yes. Cuba did just retake Haiti.” He paused for a (metaphorical) heartbeat, then continued. “I’ve been watching these two countries for a long time. This isn’t the first time they’ve fought. Two decades ago, it was over some stupid trade route— These humans! They lie, cheat— steal! I’ve seen what they’re capable of—”
“Aren’t they beautiful?”

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