Meeting People pt4

His mouth was warm and his arms were strong. Celia smiled as they kissed sweetly. She focused on all the sensations his body made her feel. Lips pressed gently, torsos held close together, her hand lying on his chest burned at the touch. She could not describe in words her infatuation with Marc. Since the day the Adonis moved into the apartment two flights up she knew that he was going to be her latest obsession. She immediately made herself available to him – “Do you need help with those boxes?” “Oh, you poor thing, eating out of pizza boxes! Let me cook you dinner.” “You know, your place needs just the right feminine touch.” All said with a wink, touch, or in hushed tones. He was beautiful to her, shiny and new. It was only a matter of time that she charmed him, until he would kiss her lightly as he was now. She pulled away slowly, eyes opening in time with their heartbeat. As she moved to seal the deal with one last small kiss, Celia sees out of the corner of her eye Tracie frozen on her doorstep.

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